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#ActivateSummer is Here! Donate to “Seed a Series.”

Friends of Digi-Bridge,

It’s daunting sometimes to look at today’s scholars and envision their futures. What skills will they need? What jobs will be available to them? Will they be prepared? Consider this …

  • Nine in ten parents want their child to study computer science, but only one in four schools teaches computer programming.
  • Computing makes up 2/3 of projected new jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
  • Computing occupations are among the highest-paying jobs for new graduates. Yet, fewer than 3 percent of college students graduate with a degree in computer science, and only 8 percent of STEM graduates are in computer science. –Source data

Today, July 16, marks the launch of Digi-Bridge’s 2018 #ActivateSummer mid-year giving campaign. This campaign will run through July 30. Will you consider donating? 

The solutions to tomorrow’s challenges lie untapped in the minds of our scholars today. #ActivateSummer campaign manifested to tap into the minds of our scholars and prime them to compete in tomorrow’s digital landscape.

Digi-Bridge and our supporters unwaveringly believe that every learner deserves access to quality instruction that will equip them with 21st century skills necessary to pursue careers in the world’s digital future.

The goal for 2018 #ActivateSummer campaign is to raise $5,000.

This year, your gifts will allow Digi-Bridge to “Seed a Series.” Your donations will be utilized to develop a new Digi-Bin series that focuses on fostering scholars’ skills in object-oriented programming (coding).

Through your gift to #ActivateSummer, Digi-Bridge will develop approximately 7.5 hours of curriculum and that will be used to serve thousands – literally thousands – of Digi-Bridge scholars.

Will you join us today in our efforts to “Seed a Series”? You can make your secure gift here

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration. Let’s #ActivateSummer!



P.S. – Please share news of your commitment on social media using #ActivateSummer!

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Guest Blog: Allenbrook educator and coach of “The Swarm,” Ms. Artrice Johnson

During the 2017-18 school year, thanks to a generous gift from Google Fiber, Digi-Bridge was able to grow The Swarm at Allenbrook Elementary School – a competition programming and robotics squad that’s currently serving thirty scholars. As we head into the end of the academic year, Ms. Johnson, educator and coach, shares her reflections.

When I share my narrative as an educator with people and I mention that I am Robotics coach, many ask, “How did you get into that?” Being asked about the beginning of my ventures in Robotics always helps to remind that no matter how long one has been teaching, there is always room to grow and learn.

Last school year, I joined Allenbrook’s Robotics squad as a way to engage one particular student. She wanted to join the team, but was also interested in joining the step team. Her concern, besides the conflict of schedules of the two teams, was that some of the other students may have thought that she was “not cool”or a “nerd” if they knew she was in Robotics. There were also no other brown girls, to her knowledge, that were joining the Robotics team. Of course, I strongly encouraged her to join despite her fears, but things went a step further when I found out from the facilitator, Torie Leslie, that the squad was in need of another coach and a teacher from the school would be ideal.

I pondered if this was something that I could do – of course my creative abilities had been out to use with Legos before, but I had never built a robot in my life and I didn’t know much about computer programming beyond the very basics! As I faced my own fears of the unknown, I could imagine my student’s face and was also reminded of her fears. I told my student that I was going to join the Robotics team as well, and I shared my concerns with her; I told her that I had never done anything like this and I was worried that I wouldn’t be that a good of a coach, BUT I was willing to give it a try and learn alongside her and the rest of the scholars.

Needless to say, we had a very successful season. We all gained a plethora of knowledge and shared experiences such as competing in the First Lego League Robotics Competition, and attending a Hornets basketball game with the honor of walking on court to receive recognition during half-time. Overall, the most valuable experience was watching the scholars work together as a team and building off of each other’s strengths to be a successful group.

As we are flowing through Robotics this school at year Allenbrook, I can see some of those same characteristics as last year’s group – students are working together in order to build each other up based off their own strengths. For instance, students have been working in pairs – one partner who may find building to be a strength, and one who is more comfortable with coding. From my perspective, this helps all scholars to feel accomplished with tasks that may seem daunting to the other, but all the while they are still learning from each other.

Arrow on Ms. Johnson – a group picture from competition in 2017

Without the gracious gifts from Google Fiber, Allenbrook’s Robotics Club would be nonexistent and our scholars would not have such special opportunities to explore new skills and abilities. We all continue to gain knowledge as a group, and we all are also facing fears of the unknown. Without a doubt we are “swarming” misbeliefs, discomfort, and fears with pride, bravery, and teamwork!

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Thanks for connecting with us at #TBT 3.0!

Friends of Digi-Bridge,

We had a totally tubular time last night at #TBT 3.0. A big thank you to all who joined us! We were so pleased to have spent the evening with you as we kicked off our Reach Our Future campaign.

At its core, Reach Our Future is about coming together as a community to ensure that the scholars who live here have access to the tools and opportunities they need to thrive and build a better tomorrow. We are so thankful to have the support of our community behind us in making this commitment.

We’re still going through the photos of all the rad 80’s outfits we saw. The winner of a brand new Amazon Echo will be determined by social voting, so head over to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you can share and like photos from the event. Don’t forget to tag us @DigiBridgeUS and use our hashtag, #ReachOurFuture, so we’re sure to see you! Once we post an album with all of the photos, you will have one week to vote.

As we mentioned last night, the Reach Our Future campaign is about offering high-quality programming to all scholars in our community and strengthening our voice in rooms where policies are made. And we can’t do it without you.

We need your support to amplify our reach. Please share our campaign widely, encourage others to engage, and reach out to us if you have any other ideas about how we accelerate these efforts.

The scholars in this community are our scholars, and investing in them is investing in a future we all share.

We would love to have you join us on this journey. Let’s #ReachOurFuture!

With tremendous gratitude and anticipation,


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Get Ready for Demo Day and Summer #STEAMSaturdays!

Summer is quickly approaching and we know that your schedules are filling up with lots of great activities and vacations. We wanted to share with you all what Digi-Bridge has on its calendar so that you can include us in your summer fun!


FREE Demo Day (This Saturday!)
If you are interested in learning more about our #STEAMSaturdays but aren’t quite sure you’re ready to register, we are hosting a Free Demo Day so that you can come try it out.

We will walk you, the parents, through the process so you understand the core principles of #STEAMSaturdays while your scholar gets to experience it firsthand. It’s Digi-Bridge’s “Try Before You Buy” event, if you will! We only have a few spots left, so click here to register now!

Location: Hygge Coworking West
2128 Remount Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28208
Time/Date: Saturday, April 22nd from 9 am- 10:30 am.
Cost: FREE
Ages : K – 8
Summer #STEAMSaturdays
If you are ready to jump right into our #STEAMSaturdays classes, great! Your scholar(s) will get to experience a hands-on activity from one of our series of interactive Digi-Bins. These activities allow students to explore and play in a constructive way while learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.
They also get to learn the foundations of coding by using to our online activities portal! We spend part of every class exploring online and working in programs that help introduce your children to (or continue their training in) the concepts of coding.
We have 3 Summer locations: Huntersville, Plaza Midwood, and West Charlotte.
We want this experience to be as flexible as possible for your family, so we are now offering individual Saturdays. That means you can sign up for just 1 or 2 specific Saturdays if you need to work around other Summer plans,  or you can go ahead and register for all 6 Saturdays offered!

Locations : Hygge Coworking West, Advent Coworking , and Birkdale Offices

Dates : 6 Saturdays from May 6 – June 10
(5 Saturdays, May 6 – June 3 at Advent Coworking)
Time : 9 – 10:30 am
Cost : $25 per Saturday
Register now on our site by clicking here.
Feel free to reach out to Kelly@digi-bridge.org with any questions.
Stay cool out there!







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It’s Back! Another Free “Demo Day” of our #STEAMSaturdays


We are excited to announce that we are hosting another Free Demo Day of our #STEAMSaturdays!

If you are interested in learning about our #STEAMSaturdays classes but you want to experience it in person before signing up, this is for you! Do you have a friend who has been thinking about signing up, but just isn’t sure? Please let them know!

On April 22nd from 9:00-10:30 am we are offering a free demo day to 12 students at Hygge Coworking West. Parents will see a presentation on our classes and students will get to experience first hand what #STEAMSaturdays are all about.

And… admission is free!

If you have already attended a #STEAMSaturdays series or classes in the past, we ask that you leave spaces to new families only.

You can register here.

Again, if you have friends who might be interested, please help us spread the word.

For more info or for any questions please email Kelly Carpenter at kelly@digi-bridge.org


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Free “Demo Day” of our #STEAMSaturdays!

Friends, exciting news!

We are hosting a Free Demo Day of our #STEAMSaturdays!

If you are interested in learning about our #STEAMSaturdays classes but you want to experience it in person before signing up, this is for you! Do you have a friend who has been thinking about signing up, but just isn’t sure? Please let them know!

On February 18th from 9:00-10:30 am we are offering a free demo day to 12 students at Hygge Coworking West. Parents will see a presentation on our classes and students will get to experience first hand what #STEAMSaturdays are all about.

And… admission is free!

If you have already attended a #STEAMSaturdays series or classes in the past, we ask that you leave spaces to new families only.

You can register here.

For more info or for any questions please email Kelly Carpenter at kelly@digi-bridge.org


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Guest Blog: Ashley Park 8th Grader Toni Teah

Dear friends,

Please welcome special guest writer Toni Teah, an 8th grade student at Ashley Park PreK-8! Toni and her classmates recently attended a field trip at Discovery Place with Digi-Bridge, thanks to the generous support of OrthoCarolina Foundation. Without further ado…

Wassup you guys!!!!! It’s your girl Toni! The past field trip we went on in STEAM was AWESOME! (If you don’t know what STEAM. stands for, it means Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. There’s your heads up, NOW YOU KNOW!)

picture5So we went to Discovery Place. Now, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t Discovery Place where kids and you just learn about science and animals? Well, I’m here to tell you that’s only half of that is true. 🙂

Discovery Place is where both kids and adults can do hands-on activities, learn about plants and animals all around the world and in our ecosystem, and…TO HAVE FUN!!! 

While we were there, me and my class buddies (my peoples) had a tour guide who let us touch different animals and creatures. Crazy right? One animal that almost everyone was shocked to touch was a naked mole rat… A NAKED MOLE RAT!! He is naked because he has a genetic mutation that makes him not have any hair like a normal mouse or rodent. Cool isn’t it? I think so.

We got to go into different climate changes, observe sea life, and even played tug of war (girls won by the way!) Overall, we learned so much! But the day wasn’t done.picture4

We were surprised and got to all eat out at a restaurant afterwards. (I had a hamburger and it was delicious!) We are all grateful for Digi-Bridge and OrthoCarolina for giving us awesome opportunities like this field trip and our STEAM Saturday days.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next time. I’ll be sure to let you know… for now I’m out! BYE!!!

Join OrthoCarolina Foundation in support of STEAM field trips for scholars like Toni and her classmates. Give now to help Digi-Bridge reach our year-end goal of $10,000!


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#DDCodeIn 2.0 is Coming!

Dear friends,

Digi-Bridge is pleased to announce its second father-daughter tech event at the Google Fiber Event Space from 7 pm-8:30 pm November 5, 2016. Only 36 tickets available!

DDCodeInAug2016_066Although women fill close to 1/2 of all jobs in the U.S. economy, they hold less than 25 percent of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) jobs. It’s also true that women only earn about 18% of undergraduate degrees in computer science in the nation. It is stifling statistics like these that Digi-Bridge intends to shift not only to support females, but also to stimulate technology growth on a universal level.

Digi-Bridge is excited to host this community event at Google Fiber’s home here in Charlotte. This evening is an opportunity for dads and daughters to connect and explore technology.

Much like a traditional “Daddy Daughter” dance, the Code-In will be an event filled with dinner, music and fresh tech-centric activities. Digi-Bridge knows that girls code, too, and looks forward to supporting and encouraging the next generation of female leaders in STEM.

To reserve a spot for you and your daughter at this event, visit: http://bit.ly/DDCodeIn2 today, as tickets are limited. Tickets for our first #DDCodeIn were gone in under a day, and this event will sell out quickly.

See you there!


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Digi-Bridge Announces #TBT 2.0: Connect to Disconnect

Dear Friends,

Digi-Bridge announces its second #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) event on Thursday, November 10 from 6-8 p.m. with the theme of “Connect to Disconnect” in an effort to raise awareness about the digital divide. The event will take place at Earl’s Grocery in Elizabeth. A limited number of tickets are available: http://bit.ly/digibridgetbt2.

It’s estimated that as many as 70,000 Charlotte-Mecklenburg youth go home to a disconnected household each evening. This reality requires all of us to consider how we might engage to support our future.

The night of the event we’ll enjoy snacks and beverages from the 1980s – the era that brought the Internet to life. Digi-Bridge encourages guests to dress for the decade, take part in some good ol’ fashioned conversation and networking, and experience what it’s like to be without access by tendering phones at the door (for the duration of the event).

There will also be opportunities for attendees to support Digi-Bridge’s efforts to #bridgethedivide:

  • $25 Supply snacks for a #STEAMSaturdays class
  • $50 Sponsor a #STEAMSaturdays scholar
  • $150 Contribute a Chromebook for a scholar
  • $300 Sponsor a #STEAMSummer scholar

For questions or media inquiries, contact david@digi-bridge.org.

See you at #TBT!

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Digi-Bridge Announces Commitment at White House Summit

Digi-Bridge is announcing its commitment today at the White House’s Computer Science for All Summit, which event can be viewed via livestream wh.gov/live from 1-3 p.m.

The Summit celebrates progress and announces new commitments towards the President’s historic call for Computer Science (CS) for All. Digi-Bridge is dedicated to supporting a generation of well-equipped 21st century learners through the provision of computer science education.

“We believe our approach is effective and measurable,” said Digi-Bridge Founder David Jessup. “We look forward to continuing CS for all through the development of private-public partnerships.”

In January, President Obama issued a historic call to action for public, private and nonprofit organizations to support his efforts to expand computer science education for all American children.

In support of the President’s call to action, Digi-Bridge has developed and will continue efforts to broaden access to its signature educational programming including #STEAMSaturdays and Daddy Daughter Code-Ins introducing K-8 scholars to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) disciplines.

Without dedicated state funding for computer science professional development or K-12 curriculum standards in North Carolina, Digi-Bridge is leading statewide efforts to engage public and private stakeholders to enact solutions, Jessup said.

“This issue hits close to home in North Carolina,” Jessup said. “In our state alone an estimated 17,824 computer science jobs remain unfilled, yet North Carolina produces only 1,224 graduates in this field annually. We are grateful for the recognition of the White House around needed partnership in this important work.”

In continuance of this work, Digi-Bridge will deliver #STEAMSaturdays courses to more than 500 K-8 scholars at eight sites in Charlotte-Mecklenburg in 2016-17. These courses introduce both teachers and students to computer science on Saturday mornings.

“Community partners, including The OrthoCarolina Foundation, will allow Digi-Bridge to extend these experiences free of charge to students living in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods,” Jessup noted.

Digi-Bridge has introduced a full-time STEAM Community Catalyst to support the development of a model K-12 computer science program in Title I schools during the academic year. The Catalyst role, through a partnership between the public and private sector, will allow stakeholders to innovatively approach design and delivery of resources and support.

Digi-Bridge additionally will host Daddy Daughter Code-Ins in partnership with Google Fiber introducing school-age girls and their fathers or male role models to coding in a welcoming environment.

The White House Fact Sheet (view here) describes Digi-Bridge’s programming.

Today’s Summit, as part of Back to School Week, will be livestreamed this afternoon from 1-3 p.m. (EST) at: http:/www.whitehouse.gov/live. Follow the digital conversation: #CSforall.

Media Contacts: David Jessup, david@digi-bridge.orgCorri Smith, corri@blackwednesday.social