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#ActivateSummer is Here! Donate to “Seed a Series.”

Friends of Digi-Bridge,

It’s daunting sometimes to look at today’s scholars and envision their futures. What skills will they need? What jobs will be available to them? Will they be prepared? Consider this …

  • Nine in ten parents want their child to study computer science, but only one in four schools teaches computer programming.
  • Computing makes up 2/3 of projected new jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
  • Computing occupations are among the highest-paying jobs for new graduates. Yet, fewer than 3 percent of college students graduate with a degree in computer science, and only 8 percent of STEM graduates are in computer science. –Source data

Today, July 16, marks the launch of Digi-Bridge’s 2018 #ActivateSummer mid-year giving campaign. This campaign will run through July 30. Will you consider donating? 

The solutions to tomorrow’s challenges lie untapped in the minds of our scholars today. #ActivateSummer campaign manifested to tap into the minds of our scholars and prime them to compete in tomorrow’s digital landscape.

Digi-Bridge and our supporters unwaveringly believe that every learner deserves access to quality instruction that will equip them with 21st century skills necessary to pursue careers in the world’s digital future.

The goal for 2018 #ActivateSummer campaign is to raise $5,000.

This year, your gifts will allow Digi-Bridge to “Seed a Series.” Your donations will be utilized to develop a new Digi-Bin series that focuses on fostering scholars’ skills in object-oriented programming (coding).

Through your gift to #ActivateSummer, Digi-Bridge will develop approximately 7.5 hours of curriculum and that will be used to serve thousands – literally thousands – of Digi-Bridge scholars.

Will you join us today in our efforts to “Seed a Series”? You can make your secure gift here

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration. Let’s #ActivateSummer!



P.S. – Please share news of your commitment on social media using #ActivateSummer!

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#STEAMSummer Reflections

Dear friends,

I invite you to learn more about #STEAMSummer from Torie Leslie, our STEAM Community Catalyst. -DJ

With the start of the 2016-2017 school year right around the corner, I think of those beginning-of-the-year icebreakers when teachers and students share their summer experiences. This year I would have the best story to tell sharing the amazing summer I spent with 28 scholars in our first ever #STEAMSummer experience. We spent four weeks living in the acronym letters of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).

Week one we explored graphic ARTS using Google Slides, TurtleArt and Scratch programming. I was introduced to young graphic designers as I watched students digitally design T-shirt logos and create spirals of colorful art using TurtleArt.20160721_092345

During week two we tested our ENGINEERING skills with a daily “contraptions” challenge with paper rockets, egg drop carriers, foil boats and spaghetti towers. It was the best use of 20 rolls of Scotch tape, 3 rolls of aluminum foil and 200 pennies ever!

Week three we used routine household products to complete SCIENCE experiments using everyday MATH. We made fireworks in a jar, Kool-Aid playdough, Alka-Seltzer rockets, melted crayon art and our own bubble solution. 

Week four we used MIT Scratch and LEGO WeDo kits to build complex LEGO robots. This combination of ENGINEERING and TECHNOLOGY brought out some of the most complex LEGO robots I’ve seen.

Each week at #STEAMSummer, students used a portion of their day to nurture their own STEAM project. Most days, students wanted to extend our class lesson, which let me know that we correctly targeted their likes.

We welcomed each other every morning during community time and challenged ourselves to be smarter, humble and supportive during our daily reflection time. After working hard, we would always play hard!! Each week, kids LOVED going outside to shoot some hoops, race on spooner boards or make up games in the play area.

You never know what single experience sparks the light of hope, opportunity, creativity or encouragement in a child. As an educator, my job is to provide as many instances where that can occur as possible. The added bonus is when this spark turns into a fire or even an inferno which directs that child into a lifelong passion.20160718_133305_720

I’m proud of being a part of #STEAMSummer, where I saw the spark in EVERY child we worked with. Thanks to the support of friends like you who gave to #ActivateSummer, we were able to serve more scholars than ever this year. I’m confident these scholars will continue to grow, with your help, and hope I’ll be able to help harness the passion we found in them.

In my ideal world I could replicate the same nurturing, learning, independent project, technology-infused atmosphere year round…But wait, I can in our #STEAMSaturday experience! Bring it on!!

-Torie Leslie, STEAM Community Catalyst

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We Made It!

Dear friends,

The dust has settled and I’m happy to report the first iMakeCLT was a tremendous success!


Over 800 of our neighbors walked through the doors of C3 Lab during the Saturday event.

iMakeCLT, through the tremendous collaboration of makers throughout Charlotte, provided a temporary space for neighbors to meet and children 0-99 to make, break and fix together. Our hope is that the event inspired many future innovators.

This inaugural event was inspired by a placemaking microgrant from Historic South End and powered by UTC Aerospace Systems.

Partners included the amazing folks of C3 Lab, April Marten studios and Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s Idea Box. Additional support came from 3D Systems, Charlotte Community Toolbank and Lowe’s.

Thank you to our dedicated, amazing volunteers. Without you this amazing community event would not have been possible.

And a big thanks to all our makers!

Additional good news – we raised $491 in support of our #activatesummer campaign. (There’s still time to give. Click here to support.)

The future of #making is bright in Charlotte!



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#STEAMSummer Special Visitor

This week at #STEAMSummer at Kent Academy, scholars were joined by a special guest, Julia Landauer, multiple-championship winning racecar driver.

Landauer, who in addition to racing every season since she was 10, graduated from Stanford University in 2014 with a bachelor of science degree in Science, Technology, and Society.

Scholars presented a range of inquiries to Landauer, including how to pronounce her name (it’s Land-Hour), but one question was particularly poignant.

“Is it lonely being the only girl?” asked Givonne, age 8.File_002

Landauer, one of few women in a male-dominated sport, is the first female NASCAR Track Champion in her division at Motor Mile Speedway. She studied science and technology to help her gain a competitive edge in racing.

She advocates for women in STEM professions, where women are sharply underrepresented. Minority women make up an even smaller segment of these workers.

This week at #STEAMSummer, Givonne is the only girl in her class.

While this is not always the case at summer camp, we know statistically, it’s not far from reality. Women fill close to half of all jobs in the U.S. economy, but hold less than 25 percent of science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs, despite the fact that these jobs give them a steep advantage in wages.

In response to Givonne’s question, Landauer advised: “If you love it, stick with it. Make friends, and look for similarities, not differences.”

“I’m aware that I’m a role model, especially to women, and I really hope to show that you can be a strong, competent, passionate woman doing something really difficult and that’s something people look up to and admire and respect,” Landauer says in a video on her website.

We are grateful for Landauer’s time and energy in forging a path for those traditionally underrepresented in STEAM professions.

If you would like to join the effort to #bridgethedivide, consider giving to Digi-Bridge’s #ActivateSummer campaign.

With your support, we have extended scholarships to families from throughout Charlotte. Additional contributions will allow us to provide more scholars with access this summer!

Click here to contribute. A gift of any size makes a difference!

Let’s make sure that every scholar has access to high-quality 21st century education.

With gratitude,


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#ActivateSummer for a scholar!

Dear Friends,

Digi-Bridge believes that every learner deserves access to high-quality summer programming.

We are keenly aware that most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months. Learning loss is an even greater reality for students who do not have access to the internet and summer learning opportunities. An estimated 70,000 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools scholars are without internet at home.

Our goal is to enable 20 children to attend #STEAMSummer Camp through scholarships.

A gift of any size will make a difference. Even better, each $10 donated is a chance to win a 3D printer, thanks to 3D Systems. What a way to double your giving! The winner can keep the printer or donate it back to a school or nonprofit of their choice.

A $300 scholarship enables one child from a neighborhood of promise to attend #STEAMSummer Camp, where they can explore their innate curiosity for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Digi-Bridge’s #STEAMSummer Camps expose 21st century learners to new skills and combat summer learning loss. All courses, hosted by Kent Academy, are led by certified instructors.

Will you help us #ActivateSummer for our learners who need it most by contributing to our scholarship fund?

Give securely here.

With gratitude,


Donations to Digi-Bridge, a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization, are always tax-deductible.