#STEAMSaturdays are back! 

90 minutes of hands-on Lego Robotics with a certified K-8 public educator! Scholars will learn basics of block coding, while building with their favorite Legos. Each week, scholars will build a robot with new features such as motion sensors, tilt sensors, pulleys, motors, and other accessories. These hands-on experiences will introduce computational thinking and engineering principles in a fun and engaging way! No prior experience required. 


February 23, March 2, 9, 16, 23 from 9-10:30am

Scholars begin with a basic robot. They then add different motors and sensors to it that they learn to code to interact with each other each week. There are guided lessons and more open-ended projects to suit your child’s abilities.  

Hygge West

Tickets: $30 per course or $125 for the whole series of five courses per scholar

Course / Event Details 1


Course / Event Details 1

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Course / Event Details 1

Course / Event Details 1

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