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From July 16 - July 30, Digi-Bridge is working to #ActivateSummer for scholars in the Charlotte community.

This year, we are asking donors to “Seed a Series.” If we raise $5K from individual donors like you, we will be able to develop a new Digi-Bin series focused on object-oriented programming (coding). A series consists of approximately 7.5 hours of curriculum and can be used to serve thousands - literally thousands - of Digi-Bridge scholars.

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#ReachOurFuture Giving Levels


Co-sponsor a competitive robotics squad


Provide a Mindstorm EV3 programmable robot kit


Register a robotics squad with FIRST LEGO League

Provide a year’s worth of snacks for a squad’s weekly meetings

Purchase a regulation competition table for a squad

Supply transportation to and from competition


Purchase specialty LEGOs for competition robot chassis builds

Provide other robot platforms for squad practice and challenges (spheros, Ozobots, LEGO WeDo 1.0 and 2.0)

Purchase a chromebook for coding and programming

Provide custom t-shirts for a competitive squad

Purchase meals on competition day


Provide FIRST competition field map and mission models for a squad

Purchase engineering notebooks for a squad for one year

Provide the materials needed for a squad’s Core Values project

Provide a device to allow scholars to program with Sphero


Purchase squad “swag” for all members (stickers, keychains, other specialty items)

Provide Knex kits for design challenges


Contribute towards any of the projects above

Help us build our hands-on curriculum