Volunteer with Digi-Bridge

Volunteering with Digi-Bridge is fun and impactful. We use volunteers for several key functions from packing STEAM kits to organizing LEGO robotics kits to implement our STEAM programs. If you or your company is interested in volunteering and you have questions, please contact Meredith Banks, meredith@digi-bridge.org.

Group Volunteering:

Digi-Bridge works with groups of all sizes from corporate groups, church groups, alumni clubs and more to volunteer in our inventory and programming space. These events are perfect for mission-oriented team building, early introduction to Digi-Bridge, and doing good. If you are interested in learning more about group volunteering, please contact Meredith Banks, meredith@digi-bridge.org

Individual Volunteering:

Looking for ways to dedicate your time to volunteering? We can use individuals in our warehouse space for volunteering projects and/or take some supplies back to your home to volunteer.