Guest Blog: Ashley Park 8th Grader Linda Ka

Guest Blog: Ashley Park 8th Grader Linda Ka

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Our Duke University Trip


Elated. Eager. Ready.

The feelings we felt on our way to Duke University were enough to keep our
thoughts and conversations occupied — until our minds drifted somewhere else
that is. And so we laughed, entertained ourselves, and talked excessively with one
another, all the way to Duke.

We marveled at the campus as we passed each building, everyone having a
comment about everything. Soon our bus screeched to a stop in front of the Duke
Admissions Office and before we knew it we were already off the bus and taking
photos—especially of each other and ourselves—before going inside for a restroom
stop. There, many of us exclaimed in humor about how great Duke water was, our
immature sides creeping out while the others quietly explored the building.

img_7574We proceeded to walk to the main campus, where we received a tour from a kind student into the chapel and eventually reached the Duke cafeteria, where we ate. Despite some confusion in seating, we had help from a thoughtful worker and everything worked out. (The food was great!) We also got a visit from one of the football players, who informed us about Duke University as well.

Next we decided to visit the library, although we didn’t get to stay for long. We continued to explore the main campus before deciding to go to East Campus. Our bus ride there was a pretty new experience for most, and some had trouble adjusting, but they were also acting unnecessarily dramatic. What we didn’t realize was that we should’ve been a lot more grateful for the fact that the bus was relatively empty.
At East Campus, what we were allowed to see was quite limited, but it didn’t stop some of us from having a little fun. Some of the boys decided to ask a few ladies for numbers, only to get hilariously rejected, of course. Although, the boys weren’t the only ones who decided to test their limits, as a few of the girls decided to go chasing after the ones who captured their interests. The girls acted a bit more sensibly than the boys though, deciding not to greet them nor ask for numbers.

After all the fun and games were over, we decided to head back for the main campus, where we couldn’t get to so quickly. Why? Well, the first bus back was particularly crowded with students, presumably on their way to class. Choosing wisely, we decided to wait at the stop this time for the next bus. As we did so, the amount of students that were there steadily increased, and so it was crowded once again. Luckily, once the bus came, we all managed to get on the – very crowded – bus.

We shouldn’t be complaining though, we were the visitors after all. And it definitely gave us a glimpse of our college lives…

Next, we were on our way to the labs (I can’t recall the name of the building, I’m sorry!), where we were given a tour. We learned a lot and it was pretty interesting! For example, we saw many microscopes—many of them larger than we initially thought—and other machines. Personally speaking, though, the majority of us especially enjoyed trying on the lab suits!
After that, we didn’t really have that much time left and some of us went to go grab some drinks (and/or some food) from the Starbucks that was nearby. We chatted for a bit as we waited for our bus to arrive. So when it did arrive, some of us kind of made a fuss to get to the bus for the back seats, but it wasn’t too hectic. On the bus, we were pretty calm at the beginning but of course we gradually got riled up (we still are kids)… and so that concludes our trip!img_7578
Overall, our trip to Duke University was eye-opening, interesting, fun, and
informational. This trip was definitely the full package, with the food, the people, the architecture, etc. To sum it up, we are really grateful that we had the chance to go there and have so much fun! So again, thank you to Digi-Bridge and OrthoCarolina for sponsoring this trip and also Duke University for having us!


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