A JAM-Packed Weekend

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Friends of Digi-Bridge- At about 4:00pm today, I crashed. All the caffeine in the world wasn’t going to get me past 6:00pm. After wrapping up a project with the city, I came home and jumped into bed for an hour of shuteye. It’s about 8:30pm and I’m ready to tackle this post and my email. Apologies…

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Better Together: The Power of Partnership

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Dear friends, We’re starting off the week with big news! This past Saturday night, we honored 12 special nonprofits at Playing for Others’ #HeARTbeat performance, and learned that Digi-Bridge is a 2016-2017 honoree. PFO is a Charlotte-based nonprofit that provides a space for teens to explore and answer the questions, “Who Am I?” and “How…

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Summer Brain Drain? Not Here!

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Happy Monday, friends! Digi-Bridge believes that every learner deserves access to high-quality summer programming in order to combat summer learning loss and enable scholars to stay on track with their peers. All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities over the summer. However, learning loss is a more drastic…

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Snow Day-Take Three

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Friends- I felt the need to weigh-in on an “icy” subject here in Charlotte today. File this one under News/Advocacy/too many characters to tweet. Last night, I planned to be in bed by 9:00pm. As I turned down the covers, I scrolled through Facebook and Twitter to catch-up on the day’s happenings. My plans for…

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My Son, The Teacher

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Friends of Digi-Bridge- Let me begin by welcoming you personally to Digi-Bridge’s updated website! I hope that you find it inspiring and easily navigable. As you’ve probably surmised by now, this site is going to host a blog authored and edited by me  – a self-described educator who is deeply committed to issues of educational…

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