Snow Day-Take Three

Snow Day-Take Three

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I felt the need to weigh-in on an “icy” subject here in Charlotte today. File this one under News/Advocacy/too many characters to tweet.

Last night, I planned to be in bed by 9:00pm. As I turned down the covers, I scrolled through Facebook and Twitter to catch-up on the day’s happenings.

My plans for shuteye were derailed as I started reading community responses to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ decision to remain closed for students today. Friends and acquaintances jumped on the Interwebs to applaud or berate the district’s decision.

In my previous role, I worked out of a learning community office (a district “hub” of sorts) and experienced firsthand the thorough assessment and thoughtful conversation that went into making a decision of this magnitude.

I’m grateful for our district’s leadership and I’m grateful that I wasn’t the one having to make this call!

As I nodded off to sleep, I started thinking about what a snow day could look like for our students. If every child was afforded access to a technology tool and connectivity at home, virtual classrooms could blanket Charlotte-Mecklenburg much like the powdery white did this past weekend. Unfortunately, the digital divide makes this idea “dream-worthy” right now. 

It’s estimated that about 70,000 students who attend district schools are without connectivity at home. A good friend and partner, J’Tanya Adams with EveryoneOn is putting in work to support our families who are currently disconnected.

Dream-worthy, but realistic. I believe that we can come together as a community now to equip all of our school-age students with the tools they need to learn from home on days when the weather isn’t conducive to travel. A connected home can be an educated home. 

Let’s take to the Interwebs, not to argue about whether or not schools should’ve been open today, but in an effort to #bridgethedivide.

Happy defrosting!


P.S.- NPR highlights snow day opportunities.