My Son, The Teacher

My Son, The Teacher

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Friends of Digi-Bridge-

Let me begin by welcoming you personally to Digi-Bridge’s updated website! I hope that you find it inspiring and easily navigable.

As you’ve probably surmised by now, this site is going to host a blog authored and edited by me  – a self-described educator who is deeply committed to issues of educational equity and sees the “digital divide” as a real and solvable issue with the power to level playing fields for millions of K-12 schoolchildren.

Here’s how I envision this to go: most mornings after yoga, I will sit with a cup of piping hot coffee and philosophize, summarizing the latest ed-tech trends and ending with an emotional “call-to-act” that engages large audiences and is retweeted across several continents.

Here’s how it will probably go: I will have a random idea or thought come to mind, most likely around 3:00am, and I will jot down notes to help me put together a intelligible piece worthy of your time. That morning after having snagged about two more hours of REM sleep, I will just barely make it to yoga, pour a cup of coffee upon my return, walk the dogs and have to reheat that cup of joe before sitting in front of my computer to publish.

Each post will be filed under one of our three pillars: advocacy, consultancy or educational coursework. There is also a section dedicated to general news. My hope is that this makes my musings easily digestible and audience-specific.

Why a blog? Well, partially because it will help us optimize our digital presence, but mostly because we will not be able to fulfill our mission if people are unable to understand and share it with ease.

If I’m being honest, this blog is for my mom. I enjoy being introduced as “my son, the teacher,” but if every person she spoke to heard just one or two more tidbits about Digi-Bridge, we’d #bridgethedivide in no time!

Heading back downstairs to reheat my coffee now.

Until next time,

P.S. If you’re in the market for a website or if your current site could use some TLC, I suggest reaching out to Scott Childs ( He’s awesome, and his work is too.