Meet Digi-Bridge’s New Program Manager

Digi-Bridge Program Manager Sherry SampleAs Digi-Bridge moves into summer and toward the 2021-22 academic year, we are thrilled to announce that Sherry Sample has transitioned into a new role as Digi-Bridge’s Program Manager.

Sherry has worked as Digi-Bridge’s Operations Manager since spring 2019, and for the last year has played an instrumental role in the development and implementation of our STEAM Lab program. As Digi-Bridge’s Program Manager, Sherry will oversee the full scope of organizational program offerings both in schools and in the community. This position will also be responsible for the content and curricular elements of all programs.

“Through the past two years, Sherry has proven to be a trusted advisor to our new and existing school partners and facilitation teams,” Digi-Bridge CEO Alyssa Sharpe said. “I can count on her to always make sure our programming stays true to our community organizing model, building with community and not for community. I’m so excited for the future of Digi-Bridge with Sherry leading our programs and guiding our facilitators.”

Since joining the organization in 2019, Sherry has been keeping Digi-Bridge on track and is looking forward to working in a new capacity.

“I’m eager to continue having an impact on our community through my new role as program manager,” Sherry said. “I’ve seen the results when students are given the opportunity to problem-solve through hands-on STEAM courses, guided by teachers empowered to deliver lessons with their own input.” 

While this past academic year has proved challenging, it’s also paved the way for some new opportunities. 

“It’s fun and challenging to see how my varied experience in the design process and experiential learning affects how I approach solving problems within the Digi-Bridge organization,” Sherry said. “I’d like to expand our curriculum to include more topics that will get kids excited about STEAM and develop systems that will allow us to better support our teachers and grow our school partnerships and presence within Charlotte. I think kids are amazing and have so much to teach us adults. It’s our job to give them all the opportunities to explore and soar.”

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