#STEAMSearch: Earth Day

Earth Day 2020

#STEAMSearch: Earth Day

Your days at home may seem long right now, but they can be filled with fun and creativity for your entire family and we want to help.

STEAMSearch Earth DayEach week we will post a new STEAM-based scavenger hunt called a #STEAMSearch so your students can explore their world independently or with a sibling or you!

Digital Earth Day is April 22 and this week’s #STEAMSearch explores our planet and different ways we can protect it. (Also available in Spanish)


Collect 5  pieces of litter around your home environment. Which items can be recycled?
BONUS! Guess how long it takes for plastic to break down, then check your answer!   Also, check out this worksheet on managing your household waste.
DIGI-KNOW?  It can take around 100 years for aluminum to break down in a landfill. But, if recycled, aluminum cans can be turned into pie plates, license plates, thumbtacks, aluminum foil and many other items.  Review Mecklenburg County Recycling info.


Fringe Trees in bloom along Little Sugar Creek. (TreesCharlotte)

Trees provide a huge number of benefits to our environment. They take in CO2 (carbon dioxide), keep the carbon and give away the oxygen for us to breathe. Draw other ways that trees help people or animals.
BONUS! Find a tree that is higher than your home. Estimate how many feet tall it is.
DIGI-KNOW? During Earth Week, TreesCharlotte is partnering with a variety of local restaurants and breweries to give away free seedlings when you pick up takeout from their curbside/call-ahead services. (Read more about it!)


Natural Resources are materials found in nature such as air, water, and sunlight. Water is a renewable resource that can be used to generate power. Build a water dam out of LEGOs to explore this concept.

BONUS!  Even though something is a natural resource, it can be used up. Explore Renewable vs. Nonrenewable resources here!
DIGI-KNOW? Using renewable energy resources to produce power will produce fewer pollutants, run cheaper, and can also create jobs.


Climate change describes a change in the average conditions — such as temperature and rainfall — in a region over a long period of time. Watch this video on the difference between Climate and Weather. What is the normal climate where you live?

BONUS! Visit here to learn more about climate change and see how geographic information system technology aids in collecting and analyzing changes to our earth’s climate.
DIGI-KNOW? Earth’s climate has warmed up and cooled down many times, but now our  planet is warming much faster than it has over human history.  Learn more!


Along with large system and policy changes, individual actions matter. Do at least one action that shows you care about our earth. Look here for more ideas!
BONUS! Join Sustain Charlotte and Earth Optimism CLT in posting  a video explaining your actions and tag #Pledge4thePlanet in honor of EarthDay
DIGI-KNOW?  The Youth Strike for Climate is an international movement of school students who participate in demonstrations to demand action from political leaders to prevent climate change and for the fossil fuel industry to transition to renewable energy. Learn more about some of our Charlotte youth climate leaders.

We encourage you to show us what your students find by sharing with us on social media (tag @DIGIBRIDGEUS and use #STEAMSEARCH) OR you can email: content@digi-bridge.org!


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