#STEAMSearch: In the Garden

#STEAMSearch: In the Garden

Your days at home may seem long right now, but they can be filled with fun and creativity for your entire family and we want to help.

In the Garden #STEAMSearch

Each week we will post a new STEAM-based scavenger hunt called a #STEAMSearch so your students can explore their world independently or with a sibling or you!

This week we’re talking about gardens — digging, planting, growing and even eating!

Print out this week’s #STEAMSearch and start exploring! (Also available in Spanish)


An earthworm’s waste helps to fertilize the soil. Dig in the dirt and find a worm.
BONUS! Can you draw a map of where you found the worm? Estimate how deep it was located in the ground.
DIGI-KNOW? A worm helps plants and lawns. Check out this explanation and learn more about these garden helpers!


Garden Trellis
Garden Trellis

Several plants, including vines, have weak stems but can grow up high with support from structures or trellises. Find a vine growing around your home.
BONUS! What sort of trellis would you engineer to support a vine? Draw or build a model.
DIGI-KNOW? Several types of fruits and vegetables grow on vines.


Edible parts of plant are called fruits and vegetables. Watch a video to learn how to tell the difference.

BONUS! Name a fruit or vegetable that is each color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple).
DIGI-KNOW? The most vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables are the richest in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.


Fruit seedsFruits have seeds. Slice a fruit in half (with an adult) and notice the seeds OR look at these photos and notice different seed sizes, shapes and placement.
BONUS! Count how many seeds are inside your fruit and draw what they look like.
DIGI-KNOW? Fruits are classified by types based on their seed properties.


Name three vegetables that you like to eat. Vegetables are usually roots, stems, leaves or flowers of plants.
BONUS! Lay fresh or canned vegetables on a plant diagram to represent the parts of a plant they are.
DIGI-KNOW? Vegetables are full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Their presence boosts our immune system, regulates our metabolism and enables us to live healthier and longer.

We encourage you to show us what your students find by sharing with us on social media (tag @DIGIBRIDGEUS and use #STEAMSEARCH) OR you can email: content@digi-bridge.org!


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