#STEAMSearch: Robotics

Your days at home may seem long right now, but they can be filled with fun and creativity for your entire family and we want to help.

#STEAMSearch RoboticsEach week we will post a new STEAM-based scavenger hunt called a #STEAMSearch so your students can explore their world independently or with a sibling or you! 

This week we’re talking about robotics in celebration of National Robotics Week which takes place April 4-12. 

Print out this week’s #STEAMSearch and start exploring! (Also available in Spanish)


You can find many robot parts around your home! Count the items that use one of the following: LED lights, buttons/switches, motors or that you can program.
BONUS! Watch this video and look for something you can take apart, but ask permission!

DIGI-KNOW? Robots are not just cool, but also necessary. They can perform dangerous jobs that would be too risky for humans.


A robot is a machine capable of sensing its environment, carrying out computations to make decisions, and performing actions in the real world. What robots are in your home or neighborhood?
BONUS! Have another family member do the exercise and compare notes.
DIGI-KNOW? There are at least 15 distinct types of robots. (Source: IEEE Spectrum)


Watch videos (like this one on the UV-Disinfection Robot or any of these from PBS Learning Media) highlighting various types of robots, then draw and/or describe the type of robot you wish you had in your life.

BONUS! Check out these robot all-stars! Which one do you think is the most helpful?
DIGI-KNOW? The smallest robot is called a nanobot. It is less than one-thousandth of a millimeter.


Robots are programmed to perform tasks through a set of coded commands. Can you give another person specific directions on how to walk across a room, around furniture,  and pick up an object?
BONUS! Code a family member or virtual friend to dance! (Get instructions here!)
DIGI-KNOW?  Someone who conceptualizes, designs, builds, programs, and experiments with robots is called a robotocist.


Cardboard RobotUse materials around your home to make a robot mask or robot head you can wear. Share a photo or video of you as a robot.
BONUS! Use Animoji options to give yourself a robot head and call someone to speak with them as a robot!
DIGI-KNOW? Robots that have human form or characteristics, like Star Wars C3PO, are called Humanoids.

We encourage you to show us what your students find by sharing with us on social media (tag @DIGIBRIDGEUS and use #STEAMSEARCH) OR you can email: [email protected]!

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