#STEAMSearch: It’s Spring!

Your days at home may seem long right now, but they can be filled with fun and creativity for your entire family and we want to help.

STEAMSearch: It's SpringEach week we will post a new STEAM-based scavenger hunt called a #STEAMSearch so your students can explore their world independently or with a sibling or you! 

Print out this week’s #STEAMSearch and start exploring! (Also available in Spanish)


Collect as many different kinds of leaves as your age! Are you 8? Collect 8 leaves! Are you 12? Find 12! 
BONUS! Lay them and take a picture OR draw them!
DIGI-KNOW? There are 40 different leaf shapes! (View them here!)


Hummingbird courtesy National Audubon SocietyThere are many birds out right now! Find one and take a picture or draw it! 
BONUS! Can you identify what kind of bird it is? (Check out Merlin Bird ID App by Cornell Lab!)
DIGI-KNOW? Hummingbirds can fly forwards, backwards, and hover. (Learn more about hummingbirds at Discover Magazine


Pollinators are animals of all types that visit flowers and take away their pollen.  How many can you name? 
BONUS! Eat cheese powder coated snacks (Doritos or Cheetos) to understand pollination. (Get the details here!)
DIGI-KNOW? Plants help feed animals. In return, animals help the plants by moving pollen from flower to flower! (Source: Pollinator Partnership


Balance 5 sticks into a cone-shaped tent without help (NO tape or rope) to connect them. 
BONUS! Challenge a family member to see who can build the tallest stick structure!
DIGI-KNOW? Triangles and hexagons are the strongest shapes. (Learn more about these shapes at Buffalo Architecture


Find examples of a plant life cycle around your home. Can you find: seed, seedling (sprouting plant), mature plant, flower, fruit? 
BONUS! Pick a fruit or vegetable and draw its life cycle!
DIGI-KNOW? You can germinate a seed. (Learn how at Scholastic!) 

We encourage you to show us what your students find by sharing with us on social media (tag @DIGIBRIDGEUS and use #STEAMSEARCH) OR you can email: [email protected]!

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#STEAMSearch: It’s Spring!

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