Summer #STEAMKits Go to 1,450 Charlotte Students

This summer, thanks to the generosity of Lowe’s and Collins Aerospace, Digi-Bridge distributed 1,450 summer #STEAMKits to K-8 scholars in Charlotte.

Volunteers from Lowe’s and Kiwanis Uptown assisted Digi-Bridge staff in assembling the #STEAMKits at Digi-Bridge’s Camp North End office.

The kits were then distributed to students through 12 partner CMS schools and to 12 of Charlotte Freedom School Partners neighborhoods through their FSP 2020 R.E.S.P.O.N.S.E. Program.

It’s been a particularly challenging summer because of Covid-19 and it’s still been our goal to provide high-quality enrichment activities throughout the summer,” Freedom School Partners Executive Director Glenda Bernhardt said. “We truly appreciate your support.”

The #STEAMKits were thoughtfully curated by highly qualified CMS educators and included several hands-on experiments and activities to keep young minds engaged.

These #STEAMKits included:

  • LEGOs  with LEGOs Pictionary cards
  • Seeds, beans and germination project
  • Twirly copter aeronautics project
  • Dominoes with math and engineering challenges
  • Fizzy bag chemistry experiment
  • Balloon chemistry experiment
  • Face masks from Novant Health
  • Activity instructions in English and Spanish

These #STEAMKits were a huge success and we’ve received inquiries about the kits. If you are interested in obtaining a #STEAMKit or would like to learn more about them, please complete this survey.

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Summer #STEAMKits Go to 1,450 Charlotte Students

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